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German SEO Specialist Ingo HauptGerman SEO specialist Ingo Haupt is a native German speaker and the founder of the California based SEO company Three Palms Media.

After offering bilingual search engine optimization services to his US and German clients through Three Palms Media Ingo noticed a need in the marketplace for a quality German SEO company that was able to communicate with English speaking clients and at the same time has a deep understanding of the German market.

Over time Ingo Haupt was able to develop a German SEO system to achieve top rankings in for many websites. He also found that only a few talented SEO companies in Germany had the skills to provide similar services. Unfortunately they all served exclusively German clients.

Through research Ingo also uncovered that many companies hire English speaking SEO providers to help them with their German SEO. However due to the language barrier these companies use search engine optimization strategies that work well for the English speaking market, but not for Germany.

Often clients are at the mercy of these companies hoping for German rankings and traffic while wasting their hard earned cash on inefficient methods. When Ingo learned about this situation he decided to offer a German SEO services to English language companies that would not only provide results, but also allow them to get German SEO expertise without the language barrier. It’s just like hiring a SEO expert from Germany without knowing any German!

Our goal is to turn on your German traffic pipe by build long term top rankings for your websites in all major German search engines. Contact us today to talk to a German SEO specialist about your website.